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Making distance irrelevant

Nothing will ever replace face-to-face meetings but sometimes you just can't be there, especially if you live on the other side of the world.

Whether it is to connect with new & potential customers, develop relationships with external business partners or improve internal performance within a company, our virtual summits are ideally suited.

Multiple Stages

  • Sofa Summits offer an opportunity to learn, interact & connect with participants from across Europe & beyond. This platform allows us to create unique experiences through a variety of engagement features. 

  • From Keynote Presentations to the whole audience to Roundtable Discussions with up to 8 attendees, Sofa Summits gives you a chance to learn & interact with thought leaders & market movers in different settings.


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Roundtable Discussions

  • When launching Sofa Summits we wanted to ensure that the networking & discussion aspects of real-life events are replicated in the virtual world. One of the key features that allows us to do this is Roundtable Discussions.

  • Engage with up to 8 of your peers on a topic that is top of your agenda - in some events there will be specific discussion topics on each table, in other events the tables will be open for free discussion about the challenges you are facing on a daily basis.


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One 2 One Meetings

  • What is better than an engaging one 2 one discussion with your peers about the future development of your industry? 

  • The one 2 one meeting function is designed to deliver exactly this - open to all participants it means that you can connect with some of your peers in a face 2 face video environment - replicating what you would experience over lunch during a real-life event.


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  • Whether it is a product demo or a conversation about a new piece of technology then our virtual exhibition offers participants the chance to keep their finger on the pulse.

  • Industry leading solution providers have the opportunity to be able to showcase solutions and interact with participants - schedule one 2 one meeting, get involved in roundtable discussions & meet your next potential customer.


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