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Wednesday 22nd September 2021 - 14:00 CET


Evolve your Applications in 90 minutes with Couchbase’s Modern Database

A hands-on workshop filled with discussions, demos and customer cases



Relational databases were designed for a different era, to be used on a single box with a small number of users. They are inflexible and expensive to maintain. Times have changed and today’s web and mobile applications, and the databases underneath, need to scale to millions of users and support rapid, flexible agile development, microservices, cloud deployment, etc.

Couchbase is the modern database for enterprise applications. We help customers meet their high performance and availability needs, gain development flexibility and deliver incredible mobile experiences. All while driving down total cost of ownership.


We will discuss, demo and show customer cases of how to:

  • Develop faster: With SQL for JSON queries; built in capabilities for caching, key-value, full text search, relational and real-time analytics

  • Deploy everywhere: How ever you choose to cloud, to the Edge and 5G – always on

  • Gain performance at scale: With our memory first architecture for millisecond responses

Afterwards you can try Couchbase for free. Our Enterprise Edition is available at:



James Powenski, Senior Solutions Engineer, Nordics, Couchbase -

Marian Puhl, Senior Solutions Engineer, Nordics, Couchbase -

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