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How can Pharma & Healthcare companies utilise digital transformation to drive change across their organisations? With 4 stages of content Pharma Tech Sofa Summit will bring you the very latest from Pharma innovators from across the globe.

Bioinformatics, Clinical Innovation, Data, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Health are changing the way that drugs are researched, developed, tested & marketed.


This innovative & ground breaking Sofa Summit will bring these topics to the forefront of the discussion to change the world for the better.

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Great Speakers
Sofa Summits will address the big questions that your industry must answer in the years to come. 
Through knowledge sharing & a forum for open discussion our speakers will start the debate - it is up to you to join in
From the comfort of your home or office Sofa Summits offer the opportunity to virtually meet & network with peers from across your industry.
The interaction may be virtual, but the takeaways will be invaluable.
Futuristic Tunnel
The Future is Now
In this dynamic & ever changing world of business Sofa Summits will keep you at the forefront of the very latest trends & advancements in your industry.
There is an opportunity to create new business models & ways of working

Become a Speaker

Interested in a speaker role at one of our Sofa Summits?
If so, then we look forward to receiving your application and we'll be in touch shortly!


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Registration Options

Pharma, Academic, Health System

For those working in Pharma, Academic, Health System at end user companies

€ 40

%  Early Bird Ticket until 30 May - 

    €80 after the date

%  Access to PharmaTech Summit


%  One 2 One Speed Networking

%  Private and Public Chat

%  Virtual Exhibition

%  Post-event Recordings & Materials for

      Those Who Join the Event Live

Vendor & Solution

For employees of technology providers, software or consultancy services

€ 499

%  Access to PharmaTech Summit


%  One 2 One Speed Networking

%  Private and Public Chat

%  Virtual Exhibition

%  Post-event Recordings & Materials

Recordings & Materials

For those unable to join us for the

live event

$ 15

%  Post-event Recordings & Materials

%  Available one week after the live event

* Sofa Summits reserves the rights to cancel the registration if the registration conditions are not met or the registration details are false. 


Our virtual conferences look & feel like the real thing - complete with speaker sessions & an exhibition hall. But you don't have to leave your computer to display your products & services, chat with attendees & generate high-volume, targeted leads. No flights, no hotels, no expensive booth setup - no hassle.

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