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German Utility E-ON Enters UK Solar and Storage Market

German Utility E-ON launched E-ON Solar and Storage in the UK focusing on providing solar and storage systems for both existing and future customers.

The new system is said to save up to 30% on electricity bills – equivalent to £300 per year and as much as £560 each year on storage.

The company has already installed a similar system in Germany and Sweden and the initial plan for the UK targets the Midlands, before expanding the service countrywide.

The cost for installation of the solar and battery storage retrofits begins at £4,495, while installation of both systems will be available from £7,495, according to the newly launched website.

The system works together with a mobile app which customers will be able to use with the technology installation and will provide details on generation and consumption.

Gavin Stokes, the firm’s head of commercial solutions, said that the introduction of battery storage promised to “elevate” solar “to the next level”.

“We want to be at the heart of a new energy world that will be more decentralised, more interconnected, lower in carbon and offer our customers smarter, sustainable solutions that support their individual energy needs. E.ON Solar and Storage demonstrates our continued commitment to achieving this ambition; it will help put power directly into consumers’ hands, helping them save energy and money,” he said.

Still, the installation operations will not be handled directly by the German company, instead, they are looking to outsource installation to ‘approved and qualified installation partners’ that operate locally.


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