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A hybrid event is any event (e.g., training workshop, conference, congress, seminar, or exhibition) that combines both in-person and virtual (online digital) elements.

Our hybrid events may range from simple physical events with live streaming components to complex multi-faceted events with thousands of participants, multiple concurrent live streams, and interactive virtual and face-to-face networking sessions.


At SofaHybrid events, online viewers get to participate in the event in the same way that live attendee do. This means participating in Q&A sessions, interacting with speakers, and engaging with fellow attendees.

What SofaHybrid events are not…

% Streaming the sessions from a phone

% A sharable video on demand (VOD) after the event

% Putting the live audience before the online audience


What SofaHybrid events are…

% A seamless integration of technology to facilitate participation between a live and virtual audience

% An experience that caters to all audiences in a viewer-friendly way

% Putting the online and live audience on the same level

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